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Consulting solutions directly and through partners. If I cannot help you, I will refer you to someone who can.


Design a talk, workshop or presentation on technology trends, women in business, STEM, film or entrepreneurship.


Independent board member or advisor with deep technical expertise. Increase the effectiveness of your board by including gender diversity.


Promoting film, directors, writers, causes and new ventures in film. Developing tools for filmmakers.

Mary Jesse's Blog

  • The Next Big Thing, “Vertical Social Networks”

    People naturally group together. It is not just human nature, but the way all nature is designed. We group together around relationships, shared interests, economic drivers, convenience, efficiency, efficacy – and the list goes on and on.
    Broad horizontal Social Networks […]

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  • The Impact and Evolution of Mobile Communications

    Read here: The Impact and Evolution of Mobile Communications -by Mary Jesse published in SNS Special Letter February 24, 2014 Check out SNS for deep technology insights by Mark Anderson. Check out FireFilms if you are interested in supporting world changing documentary films
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  • Technology is Needed to Change the World for the Better #techforgood

    The World Economic Summit in its recent assessment outlined the greatest risks to us all – those most likely and also those with the most impact. These are issues on a grand scale – income disparity, climate chan
    ge and weather […]

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  • The Technology Revolution

    We are in the middle of the Revolution.  Now.  The Technology Revolution.
    Almost every aspect of daily life will ultimately be affected in some way.  Societal dynamics and order will change.  Tremendous global issues will be solved while others are created. […]

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  • Why Apple Stock Is A Long Term Winner

    As the entire world’s population goes online, there is a mad rush to be the #1 supplier to each and every individual.  Retailers, social media companies, mobile operators, device manufacturers, messaging companies, software companies and credit card companies all want […]

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  • Robots are Taking Over the World

    For decades robotics has been quietly advancing and making its way to driving the major shift we will experience in the coming decade – seeing humanoid robots in everyday society.  This is the stuff of science fiction movies and most […]

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